Welcome to the Southern Chester County Composite Mountain Bike Team


The soCHESco Hellbenders is an official team of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League.

The Hellbenders include Avon Grove and Oxford School districts and can include riders from areas that do not yet have a team. 

Our main mission is to "Get Kids On Bikes" and our five core values are..!

  • Fun -  we inspire friendship, joy, and adventure.

  • Inclusivity -  everyone should be able to participate in our programs and feel welcomed, respected, and supported.

  • Equity -  we are committed to fair treatment, equal access, opportunity, advancement, and elimination of barriers to encourage participation for all.

  • Respect -  we expect consideration for all others, oneself, and the outdoors.

  • Community -  we unite diverse people, families, and communities through cycling by creating fun and welcoming experiences.